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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Tim McCarver, Moron

Watching today's Sox-Yankees epic reminded me of why I watched last year's ALCS with the TV sound down and the radio broadcast turned up.

Tim McCarver and Joe Buck, naturally, were pro-Yankee in their analysis of the third-inning brawl, speculating about punches thrown by Varitek and Ortiz while lauding instigator Alex Rodriguez for showing some fire and earning respect from his Yankees teammates. McCarver inexplicably went into a discussion of "head hunting" even though the Arroyo pitch was well below Rodriguez's head, hitting him in the back, and not too hard either (if he was throwing at the guy, it wasn't done well at all). They never got around to explaining that Rodriguez's glaring toward the mound and cursing out Varitek in Tek's face undeniably led to the benches clearing--a rather central point, I think.

McCarver got even dumber, though, when he said not once but twice that "no one" in the 35,000+ crowd could have predicted that a brawl would occur in the game today. No one? Didn't these two teams have a brawl just last October? Don't they hate one another and play hard fought games? It was one of the least surprising brawls I've ever witnessed.

The rest of the broadcast was pretty dreadful too--what was with all of the BS conspiracy theories about the near-cancellation due to rain? (And the delay was nominated for play of the game?!?) At one point they were droning on about how bad the game was being played, and I thought of how the announcers weren't exactly covering themselves in glory either. I'll have to gird myself for the less offensive but equally stupid Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on the ESPN national telecast Sunday evening. It really shows in baseball, more than in any other sport, how much you lose in a national announcer when he doesn't watch every single game, like the local TV crew does (because there are so many games and details to know).