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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sports Reporters Love Feuds

Clemens-Piazza is the Big Story for tonight's MLB All-Star Game, which I may or may not watch. ESPN just showed them walking out to warm up together, and they weren't throwing punches. I still have yet to hear a coherent explanation from Clemens about the World Series bat-throwing incident, though I'll keep looking. Clemens I believe has said he thought it was the ball, but that brings on another question: why would you chuck the ball back at the runner like that? I think Roger did an ESPN interview and blamed the media for over-hyping, which I'm sure is valid, I just want a real explanation.

The Shaq-Kobe intra-Lakers feud also appears likely to end tomorrow with the announcement of Shaq's trade to Miami. Their rivialry in LA has been so much fun that it's sad to see it end. As a consolation, next year's Lakers-Heat matchups ought to be circuses. For old time's sake, here's an image from Page 2's Shaq-Kobe decathlon: