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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Romney at the National Press Club


In a speech at the National Press Club, Gov. Mitt Romney said Kerry is plagued by conflicts of interest that make it difficult for him to take clear positions on health care, education and other issues. The Democrat's ties to trial lawyers and labor unions, Romney said, conflict with his calls for more affordable medicine and better education.

"He wants leaner government, but he can't face down the public employee unions," said Romney. "He is quick to point out the obvious flaws in the Iraq military campaign, but slow to tell us what he would do from here, for he wishes to appease as long as possible both those in his party who want to walk away and those who want to finish the job correctly."

But while he slammed Kerry, Romney later decried negative politics, saying he is "troubled by the discourse" against candidates that goes beyond issues into personal attacks.

Nice work by Lolita C. Baldor of the AP there. The NPC's web site sells videos and transcripts, so I don't have access to Mitt's full remarks. Baldor does include another nice tidbit later, though:

At one point, Romney observed that a significant waste of money is the large number of courthouses in his own state. The governor will get to see one close up on Thursday, when he reports for jury duty in Woburn District Court.

I wonder what kind of reception the courthouse employees will give the governor who probably wants to eliminate their jobs? At least Mitt can make a campaign ad out of his jury duty showing how he's such a man of the people, mixing with common folk.

UPDATE: Ben has an open letter to Mitt, explaining what important state business he missed while out of town.