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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rare Positive Romney Post

I usually bash the governor here, but this morning I have to give him some of the credit for working to resolve the police union's beef with the city. He even gets praise in a Globe editorial today:

Romney, a Republican, might easily have simply enjoyed the show as police officers set up picket lines at convention-related events, an embarrassment to the Democrats. Instead, he considered arguments that the safety of the Democratic delegates and the public would not be served by police officers required by their unions to man picket lines after having worked 12-hour shifts. Romney has shown leadership by doing everything in his command to ensure a safe, smooth convention for a rival party.

I still think Romney has done plenty to try to undermine the convention's success politically, from stoking commuter anger to going out of his way to level criticisms at Kerry and Edwards. And last night on Greater Boston, a Romney flack was still pushing the bogus point that voters need to see whether John Kerry will cross a picket line in evaluating his fitness for the presidency. Even so, on this one, Romney is making the right call (on the legality of the arbitration ruling, which the patrolmen's association is challenging, I am in no position to judge).

Meanwhile in today's Globe, we learn from Mitt's new book that he wasn't much interested in becoming governor back when he was leading the Olympics (one wonders how Romney would deal with doping allegations on the US side and security concerns in Athens). Ben points out the 416-page tome--written with no acknowledged ghost writer while Romney was in office, leading one to wonder what state priorities were subordinated to the effort--has been published by right-wing Regnery, which also pushes screeds from the likes of Ann Coulter. Clearly, this is a man with national ambitions, as Scot Lehigh's Friday column pointed out.

Here's a good review that notes, "Mitt Romney made his fortune by buying companies, breaking them up, firing their employees, and selling the assets." That makes it odd that Romney has said of John Edwards, "I think anybody who makes millions of dollars suing employers has a lot of explaining to do." People in glass houses, Mitt...