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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Professional Blog vs. Personal Blog

Matt Yglesias on Tapped, 12:00 pm:

I don't care to engage in fevered speculations about the motives of whoever leaked the story. The odds would favor Republican officials but for all I know it was one of Berger's rivals for a top position in a hypothetical Kerry administration.

At 1:06 pm, Yglesias wrote on his own blog a post entitled "Irresponsible Speculation":

So what if there were a Senator who wants to be Secretary of State and also sits on the Judiciary Committee. What that be the sort of person who might know about a Justice Department investigation into misconduct by another prominent member of the Democratic national security establishment... ?

Contrary to what a lot of liberals are saying, the timing of this is all wrong to be a Republican plot.

So, after saying the odds favor a Republican leak on Tapped, Yglesias a scant hour later writes on his own site, "I smell an inside job." I smell an inconsistency, and I wonder whether Yglesias had to supress his true views for the Prospect or if he legitimately changed his mind or was confused. In any case, the ability to discuss such rumors is what makes personal sites more interesting than real media sometimes (plus Tapped has that random bolding of words going on, which puzzles me).