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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Out and About

Not much time right now, but I did just return from walking around some of the delegation hotels, Kerry's neighborhood, Faneuil Hall and the Fleet perimeter. You really can't see much of anything down by the Fleet Center, and they've got two fences up, in case you were considering scaling the first. I do think the guy with the Bush banner in front of his pizza place should've stayed open this week since there's a lot of foot traffic right by the place and he would've made some good money. Lots of scary-looking security personnel are around there, Faneuil Hall, and Government Center.

Many protesters were on the Western end of the Common, with tables set up distributing literature--looks like they have some big stuff planned for the Republican convention. I also caught the tail of a protest march down Congress Street; the megaphone chatter was unintelligible, except for maybe the word "Haiti." At the Hardball broadcast venue by Quincy Market, former San Fran Mayor Willie Brown was being made up, presumably to go on-air after I passed by. The hotels had plenty of self-important seeming people who were overdressed, covered in badges, talking in (non-Boston) accents on cell phones, looking lost, etc. Pretty much what I expected, basically. It's worth doing the walk once if you're around, but you're not going to see anything overly thrilling.

Jesse Taylor is pretty much on target with his observations. People are taking pictures on some other technologically-adept blogs. Click the Dem Convention links for continuous coverage by others.

As I said, I report to the Hynes in the AM. I'm an "on-call" volunteer, and the way that works is teams will be sent out to places around the city that call for assistance. The surprise of where I'll be going is kind of exciting now. Of course, it may not be anything that noteworthy--maybe I'll get lucky.