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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Jeopardy! Guy

Bill Simmons checks in with some jokes on Ken Jennings, the guy who has a 35-game winning streak going on Jeopardy!:

Yes, he's a smarmy know-it-all with the personality of a hall monitor, the kind of guy everyone hides from at a Christmas party. But he has "it" -- that indefinable quality you have when you know you're good, when you're in the zone and taking everyone for a ride. The '86 Celts had it. They toyed with teams before ripping their hearts out, Temple of Doom style. The JG does too. Not since the pre-nanny Tiger has somebody laid the smack down like this. He doesn't beat people, he dismantles them.

I'm enjoying the new Sports Guy's World page where Simmons has been writing stuff almost every day lately. Add the bookmark if you haven't already, as Simmons wrote last week that more regular features are coming.

As for Jennings, you know he's out of control when he's got a drinking game devoted to him. The Jeopardy! season ends Friday, and if Ken is still going strong, he gets to come back for next season, which hasn't started taping yet.

Blogging of know-it-alls and ESPN, the network debuts Stump the Schwab on Friday night, a program designed around a guy ("Schwab") who supposedly knows everything about sports trivia. Hopefully they won't put a countdown ticker on the screen all day until the show starts, as they've done for Poker the last two weeks (pet peeve, good to have it off my chest and blogged).