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Monday, July 26, 2004

Howie Carr's Tantrum Week

I'm figuring out that following all of the convention coverage is going to be a losing battle here. I did, however, just notice a Howie Carr column in Sunday's Herald (full text available, for some reason) that describes how some delegates are being followed by a private investigator to make sure they don't cheat on their spouses. Carr was interviewed in a segment on Fox News Sunday, telling Chris Wallace that he never thought insults of political figures could be too personal, he saw gay "marriage" as an "embarrassment" to Massachusetts (takes one to know one), and he considered himself a proud tabloid journalist. I also just noticed that someone runs a blog at HowieCarrSucks.com.

No blogging during the day time Monday. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to report and some time to report it later on.