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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

FMA Roll Call

Matt Welch links the failed cloture vote that killed the FMA. Cheers to Campbell, Chafee, Collins, McCain, Snowe and Sununu for going against their party, and boo to Byrd, Miller and Nelson (NE) for crossing over to the dark side. We'll hear a lot about the Kerry and Edwards decision not to vote in coming days, I suspect. I wish they both would have gone on the senate floor and denounced the thing as it deserved to be denounced, but I'm sure they considered all their options and decided this was best.

Fortunately now that this circus is over the Republican leadership might take up some more consequential work, like passing a budget or homeland security legislation.

MORE: OK, there's some confusion on whether some senators would've voted differently on the FMA than they did on cloture. There's plenty of speculation in comments at DKos. A simple up-or-down vote would've been easier to analyze. Daily Kos also has recently announced a spin-off site called OurCongress.org that will track House races.