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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Edwards Choice Revealed Last Night

Garance Franke-Ruta writes on Tapped that the Edwards VP selection first leaked at 9:44 last night on a US Aviation discussion board when someone wrote the following:

John Kerry"s 757 was in hgr 4 pit tonight John Edwards vp decals were being put on engine cowlings and upper fuselage. :up:

The discussion title is "Edwards Vp, Saw plane in PIT hgr." I guess this link has been picked up some places, notably Metafilter last night and Political Wire. Moonbird, the MeFi poster, attributes the link to this Daily Kos diarist who in turn says he found it on this Democratic Underground thread. The DU poster, SC_Dem writes, "my airliners.net friends came up with it." Here's a link to airliners.net which features a discussion forum with over 13,000 registered users--who knew?

And the idiots on MSNBC this morning were crowing about how Andrea Mitchell broke the story.

UPDATE: As I read more, I guess the DKos diarists had an argument over whether to believe this last night and Joe Trippi was talking it up on MSNBC this morning too. Josh Marshall says he was emailed a link to the aviation board last night, as were other people, I guess.