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Friday, July 30, 2004

Dumbest Protester Award

This is hard to give out, but the kid described in this article deserves high consideration:

On Tuesday, police found another teen near the ``protest pen'' carrying a balloon filed with urine. The balloon burst on the teen when he was approached by police and the teen was not arrested.

That must have been very disappointing, going to the trouble of filling up the balloon with piss only to end up wearing it.

Last night after 1:00 you may have missed Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's interview on MSNBC. He told Ron Reagan that he was gutsy to give a speech because a Reagan at the Democratic convention was like him going into a Korean restaurant. Triumph also said he agreed with Reagan on stem-cell research because he has a dream of one day getting his testicles back.

You also may have missed some of the ridiculousness that has been the midnight Larry King Live shows this week. Last night, Mo Rocca joked that Kerry's "Help is on the way" slogan sounded more like that of a temp agency than a presidential campaign. Earlier in the week, a phone caller asked Ben Affleck if he would consider running for president. Elias apparently thinks Ben could run for governor against Romney in 2006, and he also gives some eyewitness stuff from the streets.

That call wasn't as dumb as some of the earlier evening stuff on MSNBC this week, though. At one point, Chris Matthews said last night when panelists were discussing Kerry's speech, "We're getting more into the substance than I usually like." While I understand he was saying the delivery was important too, I thought that statement underscored a lot of what's wrong with Matthews' show. That said, I do agree that the delivery was badly rushed. When Kerry fan Tom Oliphant laments this, you know it was a real problem.

The previous night, during one of Frank Luntz's focus groups, one participant made the inane point that Kerry's risking his life in Vietnam wasn't a major differentiating point because Bush had risked his life for his country, too, by simply being president. Someone needs to point out the relative chances of being killed or injured in a Swift Boat in Vietnam versus the odds of being assassinated as president. Bush fans would do better just to change the subject rather than contest the point.

There's far too much inanity to cover, I realize, and imagine, I even watched CSPAN during the actual speeches. One thing that gets to me about convention coverage is that there are so many small tidbits of information and anecdotes without an overall structured narrative about what really happened. So I'll try to stop writing such tidbits and write something meaningful--eventually at least.