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Thursday, July 08, 2004

The DNC's "Secret Stage"

David Guarino ratchets up the snark to make fun of the DNC recently denying press access to the FleetCenter as they put up a supposedly secret stage design. The only problem, as Guarino points out, is that Terry McAuliffe blabbed about the stage to Newsweek already:

The convention at the Fleet Center in Boston will be a visual town hall writ large, McAuliffe told NEWSWEEK. For the first time, risers with seats will be incorporated into the stage, so several hundred "real" voters--not fat cats--can form a human backdrop and also interact with speakers and guests. Below and around the podium, windows will show party officials at work--a beehive of activity. "The idea is not to have some dictatorial podium alone on the stage, but people everywhere," McAuliffe said.

Guarinos says it, "Sounds like 'Saturday Night Live' melded with 'The Muppets' and 'Rent,' all staged on the CNN news set" and he asks for email suggestions for what would make a real surprise.

Is this idea tacky? Yes, it is. But with Guarino, the DNC can't win, since he complains about the lack of excitement, and then he ridicules the attempt to do something different. What I would find really surprising would be to see Herald convention coverage that carried anything but a negative tone.

While I'm being negative myself, I also want to note that the Democratic Convention blog has a really dumb URL.