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Monday, July 12, 2004

Disco Demolition, 25 Years On

Matt Welch brings up the very important 25th anniversary of Disco Demolition night at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago, when fans went crazy on-field destroying disco records and caused the postponement of the second game in a double-header, July 12, 1979. Here's a story on it and here are pictures set to music. Also this page has collected remembrances from people who were there, and the promotion sounds insane:

July 12, 1979. The Chicago White Sox were scheduled to the play the Detroit Tigers in a twi-night doubleheader at Old Comiskey Park. Admission was $0.98 and a disco record.

The records were collected for a "Disco Sucks!" rally between games, concluding in a massive explosion to destroy all the disco records collected in Comiskey's center field.

Just one problem -- the fans rioted. The Sox forfeited the second game.

What idiot thought this was a good idea? Nowadays the "Friendly Fenway" crew wants to make the park welcoming to families and tries to discourage the "Yankees Suck!" chant. Back in 1979, though, destroying disco records was considered OK. The point about crowds also shows people were just as sick then as we are now--society hasn't really coarsened in recent years, as some people always claim.

While on the topic of historical anniversaries, I'll add that a few of the remarks from the Burr-Hamilton duel's 200th anniversary yesterday bothered me a bit. In Newsday Burr's great-granddaughter says, "Aaron Burr was a good man. He was provoked." Then in a funny Newsweek column on the reenactment Antonio Burr says, "Alexander Hamilton spent fifteen years insulting Burr, blocking his political ambitions, and, finally, demeaning his character... Aaron Burr didn't want the duel... If Hamilton had backed away from one single comment, this duel would not have happened." Apparently the Burr people have also said that Alexander Hamilton was gay, angering some in the Hamilton clan. Good thing they were firing blanks yesterday.