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Monday, July 12, 2004

Dimmy's Convention Update: Training Day

On Saturday morning I headed down to the Hynes Convention Center for the Democratic National Convention volunteer training session. There was a big crowd of a few thousand people, I would guess, and I waited in line at the letter of my last name to get my info. I also picked up a T-shirt featuring not just the convention logo but also the names of Gillette and Tom Menino, naturally.

I expected a schedule of what I was doing for convention week, but instead I was told that I am a DNCC volunteer. DNCC is the Convention Committee, which apparently is a different entity from "Boston '04"--how it differs, I'm not sure yet. As a DNCC volunteer--one of 3,000 or so designated as such out of 14,000 total volunteers for the convention--I was only told that there will be more info coming my way when I'm contacted later this week. I'm hopeful being DNCC is a good thing, a sign someone saw something in my volunteer application that suggested I would be especially competent, but who knows. I'll pass along any details of what I'm doing convention week once I have them.

After getting nowhere in figuring this all out, I went upstairs for the Dale Carnegie Hospitality Training described here and in other media reports this weekend. "Who knew so many Bostonians would sign up to be friendly for four days!" said the leader of the session I attended. I had to practice making small talk with the person next to me, greeting people, etc.--more on the Carnegie stuff here. Now, if only they would prepare us for delegates being angry about bars closing down...