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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Convention Hysteria Daily

Today's Herald notes concern over lack of public toilet facilities in Boston for the upcoming Democratic National Convention:

"The people who live around here, they're going to have people urinating in their back yards or against their walls or behind their businesses," City Councilor Maura A. Hennigan said. "Very unpleasant."

Well then, why don't we add some public toilets in the city, councilor? Or port-o-potties at least? According to the article the five coin-operated public toilets are still set to shut down at 5pm, and the mayor's office has no plans to extend their hours for convention week. And don't give us that line about some bogus security concern that was used to justify the absence of port-o-potties at the Super Bowl rally.

Meanwhile at NRO John F. Cullinan writes, "Most Bostonians are looking forward to the July 26-29 Democratic National Convention with all the enthusiasm normally reserved for root canals." He paints a picture of local hysteria that isn't actually backed up by polling, though. Even the convention-phobic Herald found last month that, "Bay Staters are hardly panicking over Democratic convention gloom and doom--already planning to dodge gridlock, unconcerned about a terrorist strike and even sold on the July event's economic benefits, a new Herald poll shows."

Cullinan also seems a little confused about recent history, writing that Kerry has had "four Senate campaigns against a series of weak opponents." Apparently Cullinan considers Bill Weld, the twice-elected Massachusetts governor who gave Kerry a challenge in 1996, a "weak" candidate. Take the rest of Cullinan's column with a pound or so of salt.