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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Convention Funnies

Tom Burka thinks Hope was on the way, at least.

Dave Barry asks that the terrorists attack him back at his hotel room.

Some new Bush ads from the ranch.

And Howie Carr, following up on yesterday's column, "I Really Hate Kerry and Kennedy," checks in today with another column, "I Really Hate Liberal Activists."

Hands Off Iraq. Hands Off Venezuela. Hands Off Our Bodies.

Don't worry, gals, no one will be touching you with their hands unless they're wearing rubber gloves. They want to ``Repeal NAFTA'' and ``Outlaw Corporate Greed.'' You wonder, do they know anything about John Kerry [related, bio] and his voting record?

Howie doesn't seem to get that these people don't like John Kerry and are there to protest his nomination. Of course, yesterday he claimed Ted Kennedy didn't like the estate tax.