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Friday, July 23, 2004

Bush Twins Chat!

A few minutes from now, there's a chat with the twins on the Bush campaign site. "Damien Karras" from "Cambridge, MA" submitted a question about whether they agree with their dad on everything, and if not how they can reconcile campaigning for him. Wonkette has a few other good questions, but I figured I'd have no chance of my question being picked if I submitted one on those topics. Perhaps I'll update with chat highlights after it happens.

...OK, we're mid-chat now and it's softball city. Por ejemplo:

Edith Fuog from Miami FL wrote:
If you could only describe your father in one sentence, what would you say?
Barbara and Jenna Bush answered:
One sentence...Edith, that is a hard one! Okay: Our dad has given us an amazing life full of love and support and he lives his life respecting every individual he meets. Plus, he always keeps us and our Mom laughing. Oops! That's two sentences...sorry!

All of the answers are in the first-person plural "we." Maybe they have some twin thing going where they share the same thoughts.