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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bush Doesn't Know His Own Cat's Name

Dan Froomkin, writing today's White House Briefing on the WaPo site, notes a few gems. The president took some really tough questions on the campaign trail yesterday, including, "What kind of pets do you have in the White House?" from one audience member.

The cat has got about nine lives and nine names. (Laughter.) I just call it Willie. Is that all right? Yes. The girls love Willie. And then the all-time great dog, Barney. (Laughter.) Barney -- Barney is a near four-year-old Scottish terrier. Gosh, I'm glad you asked. (Laughter.) He's a fabulous little guy.

The cat's actual name is "India."

Slightly more significant is Bush's continuing effort to pretend he's middle class, as he did again in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, yesterday.

"You see, if you can't raise enough by taxing the rich, guess who gets to pay next? Yes, the not-rich. (Laughter.) That's all of us."

Froomkin then points out, "Bush and first lady Laura Bush had income totaling $822,126 last year, and according to the Wall Street Journal, their net worth is somewhere between $7.7 and $18.9 million."

Dan Froomkin happens also to be the brother of Michael Froomkin, a UMiami law prof and blogger at Discouse.net.