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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"Two Different Kinds of Republicans"

While current Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was in Washington calling for a federal gay marriage ban yesterday, former GOP Governor Bill Weld and ex-Acting Guv Jane Swift were among the attendees at a same-sex wedding of two Weld staffers. As if that weren't bizarre enough, we get some actual quality reporting out of the Boston Herald on this, including good details like Senate President Bob Travaglini paying off the panhandler outside the King's Chapel to make him take a hike (also click the link for a photo of Trav kissing Jane Swift on the cheek--hmm).

As I noted yesterday, Kerry was also in DC to vote on veterans benefits, but Republicans again proved they have no agenda other than clinging to power. As Patrick Healy writes, "Kerry waited seven hours on the Hill yesterday in hopes of voting on a proposal to increase health care spending for veterans by 30 percent, but Republicans used procedural tactics to delay any vote until at least after Kerry had left for a campaign trip to San Francisco last night." Good to see the GOP leadership has its priorities straight.

Saletan is also taking some serious criticism from 'round the blogosphere for the Kerryisms feature. As I've written here before and in comments elsewhere, I think the premise is OK since Kerry does get long-winded and convoluted in what he says sometimes, and that deserves mocking. The way Saletan does it, though, inevitably distorts Kerry's meaning by pulling out phrases and clauses and sticking them down as footnotes. I think a better approach would be simply to print Kerry's words verbatim, full of the "caveats and curlicues," and to let readers judge for themselves how absurd they think the quotes are. Being verbatim would make it just like the Bushisms feature--still prone to being taken out of context, but giving a clearer picture of what Kerry himself did say.