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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Steve Schmidt and Wonkette QOTDs

I can't decide on who gets my quote of the day thus far.

Bush campaign flack Steve Schmidt is often quoted saying insulting things in articles on John Kerry, but in a story today on Kerry's backing of stem-cell research he really outdoes himself: "only John Kerry would declare the country in scientific decline on a day when the country's first privately funded space trip is successfully completed." Right, because having rich people send a craft into space is so relevant in judging how well our national science policy is being made. For some reason this space story really bothers me and I feel compelled to change the TV station whenever it comes up. It reminds me of the rich guy who kept wasting his money trying to fly a hot-air balloon around the world (never mind the good uses you can make of that money through charities, guys, just have some fun).

The other QOTD is from Wonkette, who titles a post "You Say Ahmad Hikmat Shakir Azzawi, I Say Hikmat Shakir Ahmad -- Let's Invade Anyway." It might be even more funny if we hadn't started a war over things like this.

And since I don't know where else to mention this, I'll add that InstaPundit has linked a Progressive article on Kerry's Nantucket vacation:

Why was Kerry vacationing on Nantucket, of all places?

To go to this island retreat of the rich sent all the wrong messages to undecided voters, and it discourages his hard core.

Like his ski trip to Colorado after the primaries, the junket to Nantucket, where Kerry owns a home, reinforces the image of Kerry as a member of the upper class.

Reynolds adds, "Well, he is a member of the upper class, of course. But it's probably poor campaigning to stress the point." I wonder if Reynolds would like it better if Kerry tried to pose as a middle-class guy, loading up the car with his and Teresa's luggage and driving out to the Grand Canyon, staying at motels along the way? At least with this Progressive piece we've now found someone on the left who, as Jodi Wilgoren wrote yesterday, is uncomfortable with the Nantucket trip. But at least Kerry doesn't pretend to be something he isn't (like a certain current occupant of 1600 Penn. Ave.).