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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Rummy on Torture

This is a good story that deserves a mention, and one reader of mine professes not to read Wonkette. To prove why he should read Wonkette, I'll link and quote this brilliant post:

From the latest revelations about the administration's policy on prison abuse, we note this challenge from famed standing-desk proponent Donald Rumsfeld to the proposal that prisoners should not be forced to stand for more than four hours at a time: "I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to 4 hours?"

This sort of explains everything, no? At some point last winter, our new standard for what constitutes torture became the pain threshold of Donald Rumseld... and he's so tough! Snarling dogs mean nothing to the man. He's the kind of guy who volunteers to be on the bottom of the naked prisoner pile. And forced masturbation? He eats forced masturbation for breakfast.

Digby has a similar post:

Gosh, while he stands is he also being interrogated naked, shackled, subject to "mild, non-injurious physical contact such as grabbing, poking in the chest with the finger and light pushing" with a vicious German Shepard trying to take a bite out of his privates? I had no idea that the culture at the pentagon was so like a concentration camp.

This cavalier attitude is sickening, but we must make jokes to maintain our sanity too. More gallows humor.