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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Romney Lies About Kerry Votes

Yesterday's Globe spoiled my Saturday morning breakfast:

Renewing an attack his lieutenant governor launched earlier this week, Governor Mitt Romney yesterday called on US Senator John F. Kerry to resign immediately, saying Kerry's absence from the Senate as he campaigns for president "has cost Massachusetts tens of millions of dollars." ...

In arguing for Kerry's resignation, Romney cited a May 11 Senate vote on federal unemployment benefits, which he said cost Massachusetts $75 million. By a single vote, the Senate decided not to send additional federal dollars to states through next November. As a result, Romney said, Massachusetts will have to pick up the tab for four extra weeks of unemployment benefits, and some 70,000 state residents will receive less assistance.

If Kerry had been present, though, the extension of federal unemployment benefits still wouldn't have passed. The Republicans created an articifical 59-40 margin so that the thing would fail by a single vote and they could use it to campaign against Kerry. But a bunch of Republicans who opposed the extension voted yes in order to create that margin. They could have passed it if they wanted. I detailed this whole thing, with an article citation from The Hill last month, in a post last week that refutes the governor.

Sadly, some morons believe what Romney says. As Ben points out, by this same logic, George Bush should resign the presidency because he's been taking substantial time away from his official duties to campaign and to raise money. Here's an animated movie of Mitt that's some silly fun too (also via Ben).