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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Party of Family Values

I thought of not linking to this story about the divorce proceeding files of Illinois Senate candidate Jack Ryan being made public. I don't think information about people's private lives should necessarily come out in campaigns since I don't consider it relevant to governing. But in Ryan's case, if he's going to have a staffer videotape Barack Obama's every move, then he's forfeited his own right to privacy (I think the videotaping has now stopped, but it never should have started either).

So click on the first link if you want to read about Jack Ryan's kinky sex club visits and how he asked his wife to do naughty things with him while others watched--it will make for a nice rebuttal to those who say Democrats are bringing on the moral downfall of the country. I think Barack Obama can start checking the DC real estate listings about now.

UPDATE: The president yesterday was in Ohio promoting his "healthy marriage" initiative. Too bad Ryan is a rich financier, rather than a poor resident of a swing state, because "training to help couples develop interpersonal skills" sounds like exactly what he needs.