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Monday, June 21, 2004

Note to Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes (Weekly Standard guy, author of "The Connection") said on The Daily Show a short while ago that he didn't think Iranian use of WMD had ever been proven. Jon Stewart claimed the Iranians had used them during the Iran-Iraq War, and, lo and behold, Wikipedia agrees with Jon Stewart:

The war was characterized by extreme brutality, including the use of chemical weapons, by both countries, and especially tabun, by Iraq.

Thus the question, why not invade Iran too if they're a state sponsor of terrorism that also used WMD in the same era as Iraq did? Stephen Hayes has no credibility if he states a falsity regarding such a central topic of his book.

MORE: James K. Campbell--Commander, U.S. Navy--cited in 1996 "the use of chemical weapons by both Iran and Iraq during their war in the 1980's."