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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mitt's Misinformation Campaign Continues

Mitt Romney had a brief chat with his WEEI sycophants, Dennis and Callahan, about an hour ago, in which he continued to go after Kerry for not speaking at the mayors conference yesterday. No one mentioned that Kerry's choice may turn out to be a shrewd move since the union now says it won't picket the convention, and Romney posed hypotheticals, saying "What if there's a picket line at Congress or the G-8?" implying Kerry couldn't serve effectively as president by keeping his pledge never to cross a picket line since that could interfere with state of the unions or international summits. The suggestion is ridiculous.

Even if the union had protested at the convention, they would have been blocks away from the Fleet Center in the designated protest zone, thus there would have been no picket line to cross to get into the convention site. There are similar security measures at presidential addresses, the G-8, etc. You simply cannot picket on the street directly outside a hotel ballroom where a president is giving a speech, so the parallel between yesterday and what might happen during a Kerry presidency is non-existent, no matter how much Romney may try to draw it. The fact that the GOP is pressing this is still interesting, though, since I would have thought that Bush had the anti-union vote sewn up already.

RELATED: Elias has a good take on the negative attitude toward the convention: "The truth is however, Massachusetts is rife with toxic levels of self loathing--the Herald is simply giving our ritual masochism a loud truculent voice. ... Our lack of self esteem has been the state GOP's main chance." Of course, we can't just enjoy a national political showcase for the area--everyone has to bitch and moan about it, and I think Elias is onto something with the deeper reasons for why this is.

UPDATE: Of course, I finish writing this, then go to the Herald's site, and I find their poll story that says: "Bay Staters are hardly panicking over Democratic convention gloom and doom - already planning to dodge gridlock, unconcerned about a terrorist strike and even sold on the July event's economic benefits, a new Herald poll shows." The paper must be upset that their best efforts to whip up local hysteria aren't working.