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Friday, June 25, 2004

Hardball in Ohio + Draft Wrap

I'm not linking the source for good reason, but here's an interesting tidbit I came across:

see where john kerry was on June 15-16 (Columbus, OH). see when Ashcroft announced the arrest of the Columbus, OH mall bomber (June 14). then see where dick cheney was on June 17 (Columbus, OH). blatant attempt to suck up media air in one of the most important markets in the nation? maybe. bookending Kerry's visit with two pieces of news that might just knock him off local media's radar? possibly. something the bush campaign has been doing consistently throughout this election through various means. without a doubt.

Also, if you watched the NBA Draft last night (yay Celtics!), go read the Simmons diary on it, which brought on another episode of stifling laughter from my cublicle.