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Monday, June 28, 2004


I'll quickly get on record about the US surprisingly turning over political power to Iraqis two days early. The fact that we had to do this in a sneaky way is a sad commentary on the inability to guarantee security in the country. Considering the good PR that could've come out of this, they must have really had no confidence that they could prevent violence from marring the event. It must feel good to be Jerry Bremer this morning, having gotten out of that mess.

The TV people are probably rather stunned and annoyed that they had these great plans to cover events on Wednesday and now it's all done. I also heard one anchor this morning refer to the "end of the occupation" which this simply is not. We still have our occupying forces on the ground in the country, and the occupation will be over when they come home. Sure, it's nice that Iraqis are now officially running the political and bureaucratic functions in the country, but the big challenge of security remains. And you can't pull a surprise election two days early, so things had better improve over the coming months in order for Iraq to be able to make a real transition to democracy.