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Monday, June 21, 2004

Guns and Peanut Butter

"It's the phallic equivalent of a scalp--I mean that quite seriously."
--Stanley A. Renshon, psychoanalyst and political scientist, City University of New York, quoted in Elisabeth Bumiller's White House Letter on Bush and Saddam's gun.

I don't even know what to do with that one. Bumiller adds, "it is illegal for American soldiers to take guns off an enemy and keep them for themselves, which is almost certainly why the president declared that the pistol was United States government property rather than his own." Since the president knows the intricacies of the laws of war, of course.

Not to be outdone, Jodi Wilgoren does her darndest to show John Kerry isn't a man of the people in her report from the Nantucket weekend. Here's a typical paragraph:

Though some Democrats were concerned about the image of their wealthy candidate frolicking among the fabulously wealthy here on an island where the average home sells for $1.4 million, Mr. Kerry insisted not only on coming, but also on trying to kite-surf, a dangerous combination of waterskiing and parasailing with basic equipment costing about $2,500.

We never learn who "some Democrats" are exactly, since none are quoted by Wilgoren saying what she says they have said, but we do get lots of sneering word choices like "frolicking."

And can this petty review of Clinton's book finally put the "liberal New York Times" myth to rest?