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Sunday, May 23, 2004

What Would Big Russ Say?

Tim Russert has been subpoenaed in the investigation into the leaking of CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to Bob Novak. NBC says they plan on fighting the subpoena. Being involved in this tawdry, shameful affair is rather incongruous, given Russert recently published a book about his wonderfully moral upbringing, "Big Russ and Me".

I heard a radio interview of Russert pimping his book last week and it just about made me want to gag. It's really insulting that Russert thinks his blue collar roots somehow make him more honorable than the other "elites" in the press corps. Bob Somerby did a great piece last year on Russert's appearance in Bernie Goldberg's last book, "Arrogance" (a fitting title, though not in the sense the author intended, I think).

As chance would have it, Russert is scheduled for a reading and signing tomorrow at the Harvard Coop at 2pm. I wonder if one of the rabid lefty partisans from the neighborhood might drop by and mention the Plame affair?