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Monday, May 24, 2004

Ty Law is Insane

His interview from Sports Final was transcribed and posted on BSMW. Here's my favorite crazy part:

: Let me put it in layman's terms. You got a job. You're making fifty-thousand dollars a year. Forty-thousand a year. You get employee of the year like I did. I was defensive player of the year. Your boss comes to you and says next year, we can only pay you thirty-thousand dollars. You're gonna have a problem with that. Why? Well my contract, my salary says I'm supposed to make this. I've done my job. I've exceeded everyone's expectations. Why should I have to make thirty-thousand dollars. See, people are looking at the number. The millions of dollars. People can't relate. But that's fair market value. That's the fair market value for my services. No one tells Bill Gates he shouldn't make any more money. Or Henry Ford to not make anymore money.

Isn't it cute how he likens his position to that of a normal person making $40-50k a year? Not the same thing, Ty, not by a long shot. Then he goes and compares himself with Bill Gates and Henry Ford, only two of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. Again, not the same thing. You're a pro athlete, Ty. The NFL has a salary cap, and good players get squeezed out sometimes. That's the business.

Also, good for the kids at Suffolk. Romney probably thought he'd have no problems there since the kids are working class--it's not exactly Emerson, you know. But they booed and protested nonetheless.