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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Tabloid vs. Real Newspaper

Tabloid: "Sen. Flip-Flop does it again!: Now Kerry will accept nomination in Hub"
Real Newspaper: "Kerry rules out delaying tactic: OK's Hub nomination; may challenge FEC rule

It's sad how the Herald continues to debase itself with trashy headlines across the cover like this. Thank goodness we have a real newspaper in town in the Globe. This isn't necessarily to say I disagree with the Herald's language, I just think the headline of the lead story in a reputable newspaper shouldn't be tossing around insults.

I've gone cold turkey on the Kerry-bashing in the post-primary period, though if someone were to ask me if I think Kerry is a "flip-flopper", I would say that yes, I think he is. Most politicians are "flip-floppers" of some sort, based on the need to appeal to a wide range of voters. The problem with Kerry is that he's a very inelegant flip-flopper, and that's what gets him in trouble. The Herald seems to have flip-flopped itself on the issue of Kerry, though. Check out the tabloid's primary endorsement from January 22:

If we have learned anything since the 2000 presidential election it is that in a dangerous and uncertain world there is no substitute for a steady hand at the nation's helm, guided by a lifetime of experience.

And that, at the end of the day, is what Sen. John Kerry has to offer the Democratic Party as its nominee for president - a 35-year record of service to his nation and to this state.

So is John Kerry a "steady hand" or is he "Sen. Flip-Flop"? What more would you expect from a tabloid?

When the news came down last evening that Kerry was definitely accepting the nomination at the convention, he did live interviews on all three network affiliates' 6pm newscasts. The anchors seemed uneasy in the parts of two that I saw since Kerry was going on and on about how Bush hadn't addressed this or that homeland security problem. Presumably they were concerned that Kerry's verbosity would cut into the time alotted to sports and weather. This was the first time I'd seen Kerry do TV interviews in a while, and it reminded me that Kerry has a problem with being a windbag, not just a flip-flopper.