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Friday, May 28, 2004

Sopranos Leaves Us Hanging

This week's Sopranos discussion on Slate highlighted a great moment from last week's episode:

Tony asks Christopher why he is once again late for a meeting, and Christopher answers, laconically, that the "highway's jammed with broken heroes, on a last-chance power drive." And he delivered this line in front of Steve Van Zandt. It was Garden State harmonic convergence.

After thinking it sounded familiar, I realized the line was from Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." Van Zandt, I realized only after an Internet search, was an original member of the E-Street Band (I'm too young or too stupid or both to have known this previously). There was a guy I knew in college from New Jersey and he used Springsteen lyrics in his email signature. I thought it was a little odd, though I guess Springsteen is a god in Jersey.

Anyway, the line fit in perfectly with the episode, which featured a final ride on the highway before Adriana's demise at the hands of Van Zandt's character. Too bad they're making us wait until next Sunday night for the season finale, which I'm expecting to be equally briliant.

Have a pleasant long weekend.