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Friday, May 21, 2004

Not Zarqawi?

Four arrests in the Nick Berg killing, and they seem to be Saddam loyalists. The wire stories on this aren't giving much of an indication about whether this invalidates the US government claim that the beheading was the work of Zarqawi, as well as the larger point that this is some sort of proof of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Berg's dad is speaking out against the war and the hawks are angry with him for doing so. If this turns out to be what the arrests now suggest, though, I don't see all that much significance in the Berg killing. A young Jewish American traveling alone in occupied Iraq was been killed by anti-American militants. That some in Iraq want to kill Americans is plainly apparent from the past several months of insurgency, so what new do we learn from the Berg case? It got a lot of attention because there was a video of this one man's particularly grisly demise, but there are thousands of others who have been senselessly butchered in this conflict as well.