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Thursday, May 27, 2004

NBA Runned by High Schoolers

So as I mentioned, last night was the Nokia NBA Draft Lottery (yep, there's a corporate sponsor for the lottery now). This was a fine occasion for yet another round of hand-wringing by the commissioner about players entering the league out of high school. In an interview with ESPN, David Stern professed his support for an age limit and worried about kids chasing a "false dream."

As you probably don't recall, I supported Maurice Clarett's efforts to become eligible for the NFL Draft, and so it's not surprising I support the right of high schoolers to go straight to the NBA too. They should be free to make a living if a team deems them worthy of a roster spot. Mark Cuban had a proposal on his blog a few weeks back that would address the commissioner's concerns without putting unfair legal impediments in the way of the occasional LeBron James either: don't guarantee rookie contracts for four years, as under the present arrangement. Of course, this logical proposal will get nowhere with the league since it was put forward by Cuban, Stern's nemesis, which is unfortunate since it makes total sense.

That means we'll see high schoolers in the draft for the foreseeable future, including several this year, the best of whom is Dwight Howard of Atlanta. The Darren Rovell profile of Howard is interesting because Howard is a very religious young man, so much so that Rovell wonders whather than will hurt him with endorsements. Howard has the following "commandments" posted to the wall in his room:

And it shall (and) will come to pass that Dwight Howard II will surpass LeBron James for the best high school basketball player, college player and NBA player. Amen.

And it shall (and) will come to pass that Dwight Howard II would stand head and shoulders over 2004 prospects in the name of Jesus. Will he do it? Amen.

And it shall (and) will come to pass Dwight Howard II will be the Number 1 draft pick in the NBA draft.

And it shall (and) will come to pass SACA will win the 2002-2003, 2003-2004 state championship.

It shall and will come to pass that the NBA will be runned by the standards of God.

Well, whatever motivates you ("runned" might be an indication as to why Howard won't be a college student next year). I find it notable that Americans are willing to let celebrities tell them what food to eat and what clothing to wear, but we don't like them telling us what religion to follow or what political party to support.

After the lottery, game three of the eastern finals began. The Detroit announcer proved himself once again to be the most annoying PA guy in all of pro sports, and then the teams started the game off with matching 24-second violations. God certainly has not blessed the shooting in this series.