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Monday, May 24, 2004

Connolly Watch 5.24.04: Nomination Games

From Fox News Sunday's discussion of Kerry possibly postponing acceptance of the Democratic nomination:

[CHRIS WALLACE:] Does this feed into Kerry's image as a manipulator, as somebody who doesn't stand up?

[BRIT] HUME: Having it both ways.

CONNOLLY: Well, sure. And, clearly, that's what the Bush folks and the Republican Party very quickly on Friday started putting out that exact message, Chris. And there are going to be be many people who are going to see it that way.

I think, in fairness, we need to point out that the Republican decisions to have their convention as late as possible in New York City certainly had some political calculation to it as well.

Uh oh, Ceci pointed out that Chris Wallace is a tool of the right who repeats Bush campaign spin points. If she keeps this up, she may never get invited back to the show once Mara Liasson's maternity leave is over.