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Friday, May 28, 2004

The Church's Tin Ear, the Herald's Amateurism

I've been knocking the Herald a good bit lately, so I'll throw them a bone and agree fully with this editorial. It's pretty ridiculous that Cardinal Law, who enabled child abusers for decades, is being granted an honorific position at a Basilica in Rome. Coming the same week as an announcement that the Boston Archdiocese is closing a sixth of its parishes, this is especially bad timing. Local Catholics undoubtedly will wonder whether Law could live without his maid or other perks in order to let another church stay open back where his poor leadership precipitated the church closings to begin with.

But again, let's note the difference in headlines run by the two papers in town. The Globe: "Pope names Law to ceremonial position in Rome." The Herald: "Law's Roman holiday: It's home sweet basilica for the disgraced cardinal." Agree as I do with the Herald's take on the story, this opinion should not seep into the headline of what is supposed to a straight news piece, especially in such caustic phrasing. Even when I'm in step with the Herald's views, the paper's lack of journalistic integrity is bothersome.

One more bit of church-bashing for today: Leno the other night joked that the torture at Abu Ghraib was turning out to be so bad that some of the military leadership would have to transfer parishes.