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Monday, March 01, 2004

Why I'm Voting for Wesley Clark Tomorrow

I have decided that in the Massachusetts primary tomorrow I will be casting my vote for Wesley Clark. I've been taking some heat from friends and family over the past few days for this decision--"he's not even running anymore" has been one refrain.

I am aware of that fact, but I don't want to let the people of Iowa, New Hampshire and the other states decide for me who I vote for. That decision is mine, based upon which candidate's policies and leadership style appeal to me most, and the best candidate in my eyes this primary season has been Clark. I liked his tax program and he seemed to have the best idea of all of the Democrats running about what the hell to do in Iraq. Plus he came off as genuine, a contrast with the posturing of Kerry and Edwards that we're left with now. Dean earned my admiration but not my vote due to concerns about some of his rather overzealous campaign backers, who seem to have little allegiance to the party (Mass for Dean keeps emailing me, saying they're trying to get 15% to qualify for delegates here). That's not a movement I want to be supporting at the moment.

I don't think giving John Kerry a slightly less impressive vote total in Massachusetts will do anything to harm his chances of winning in November. As any reader of the blog knows, I'm not a great fan of Kerry either, so having to vote for him once this year will be enough. I'll be up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to perform my civic duty, quite a way to mark my 23rd birthday.