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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

VandeHei Watch Addendum 3.3.04

Today's Note jokingly refers to VandeHei's reputation for causing trouble in Democratic circles.

And various Democratic sources tell us that the Kerry high command, including campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill, have some pretty specific ideas about the role the Democratic National Committee should be playing -- and let's just say that we might see some visible and not-so-visible DNC players with diminished roles in the days and weeks ahead. (Over to you, Jim VandeHei -- what with Rick Berke out of the writing game.)

Isn't it cute how some reporters are known for harsh coverage of one political party? Ha ha, Note, it's only the future of the country at stake, ha ha. This reminds me of the Mickey Kaus comment on Ceci Connolly when he jokingly implored her to try to torpedo the Kerry campaign. And some still consider it a mystery why the public hates media insiders.

The Note partly makes up for this transgression by alerting me to this Hill article that rehashes last week's charges of "Benedict Arnold" hypocrisy against Kerry (they even use Lou Dobbs' list of countries "Exporting America" to cross-check Kerry's donations!). Noam Scheiber had a good response to the "Benedict Arnold" issue last week.