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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Stuff I Won't Link To

The exit polls have leaked to the Internet yet again. If you don't want to know the results don't go look for them! I won't compel you to do so either by leaving out the links in this post. Wonkette reprints the numbers from The Corner, throwing in a taunt of the Columbia Journalism Review for good measure. This appears to be the response to CJR's Campaign Desk blog now referring to Wonkette with a condescending exclamation point at all times.

Meanwhile, back in the presidential campaign, things look very bad for Edwards, with Kerry leading comfortably in the states Edwards needs to carry. Journalists are probably already working on their Edwards post-mortems. My prediction is they will look a lot like some analyses I've already seen arguing that Edwards may have benefited from being Mr. Nice Guy when there was a larger field, but he also suffered from it when he couldn't be aggressive enough in the face-off with Kerry because of the box he'd put himself in by the time it got to be a one-on-one contest.