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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Spitzer Endorses Groin Checks

Spitzer says same-sex marriage ceremonies are against the law in New York:

"The language of the New York State Domestic Relations Law -- which includes references to 'bride and groom' and 'husband and wife' -- does not authorize the issuance of licenses to same sex couples in New York."

But to borrow a term from my friends in queer studies, that's so heteronormative! Doesn't he realize gender is just a societal construct... or something like that? But really, why can't the "bride and groom" or "husband and wife" both be of the same sex? Does the law say something about the two people getting married having opposite sex organs? And are the NY authorities going to start doing groin checks to enforce such a provision? (While I'm on this, check out the fascinating Slate Explainer on "Same-Sex Marriage for Transsexuals?".) More seriously, I wonder if this all might hurt Spitzer's popularity among liberal activists, many of whom have been touting him as a potential USAG, seeing him as the anti-corporate scandals crusader.