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Monday, March 29, 2004

Shepard Smith

Interesting NYT profile of Shepard Smith and his reluctance to use verbs on his Fox News show, via Jeff Jarvis, also has a few notable tidbits toward the end:

Mr. Smith's temper has gotten him into trouble at least once. In November 2000, he was arrested in Florida during coverage of the presidential election dispute when he was alleged to have driven his car into a rival reporter who was saving a parking space.

Charges were later dropped after Mr. Smith agreed to a cash settlement with the reporter. Mr. Smith declined to comment on the matter. ...

Occasionally, the high-speed train of "Fox Report" actually hops the tracks. Delivering the news at an auctioneer's pace, Mr. Smith sometimes stumbles on his words. In a fall 2002 report about J.Lo, Mr. Smith mangled a phrase on the teleprompter into a vulgarity. He quickly apologized on air, but online media and Howard Stern kept the story alive for weeks.

How could I have missed those stories when they happened?