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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Passion

This evening I finally went to see what all the hype was about by attending a screening of "The Passion of the Christ." I have been a relative skeptic of the film, as I've expressed in this space previously, but I decided that it was worth seeing a movie that had gained such notoriety in spite of my misgivings.

I have always defended Gibson's right to make any film he wants; violent anti-Semites should be held responsible for their own actions rather than allowed to blame a movie for making them misbehave, in my estimation. My skepticism focused instead on the extremist religious belief that I felt The Passion reflected, as well as the accounts I had read of gratuitous gore.

After seeing The Passion I can say that, in short, I was wrong. I thought the movie was outstanding. The Passion is magnificently shot--the scenery, the costumes, everything--and there is much more of a story than I expected, far beyond simply the torture and execution of a man. The bloodiness is jarring, to be sure, but entirely necessary to the message of the film as well. And as for the anti-Semitism charges, I found the movie to be extremely effective in making me, as a viewer, feel increased compassion for the persecuted, something that should help to lessen prejudices in society, rather than to inflame them.

As I am no art critic or Biblical scholar, I will leave my remarks at that. I'm not saying I'll be going back to Mass every Sunday from now on, but if a hardened cynic who is as openly contemptuous of organized religion as I am can find this film as powerful as I did, I strongly recommend it to everyone.