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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

If this is "reform" ...

... then I'll take the status quo. The Globe article on Scott Brown's apparent victory over Angus McQuilken in last night's special State Senate election includes a quote from Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom that, "Reform won." (McQuilken is mulling a recount--see article for details.)

Meanwhile, on the same front page of the Globe's city/region section today, we have the article "Romney Seeks to Cut Benefits for Jobless" in which we learn, "Governor Mitt Romney said yesterday that employers are 'outsourcing' jobs out of state because of the state's relatively high unemployment insurance costs, an assertion disputed by legislators, economists, and some of the governor's business supporters." Complaints on the left about a "race to the bottom" on this or that are common, but rarely do we see a right-wing administration working so openly to create one.

Too bad the people of the Senate district were too distracted by the gay bashing to realize that in supporting a Romney stooge they would be getting public policy like this.