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Monday, March 29, 2004

Even More Gay Marriage Debating

The Mass legislature is taking up the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage again this morning in what the Globe is calling "the most daunting day of parliamentary maneuvering, strategizing, and voting in modern Beacon Hill history." That's about all that's left since every conceivable argument has been made by now and tons of lobbying has occurred, so no one's position is expected to be shifting. The real drama is how the procedural stuff will play out.

For once I agree with Adrian Walker:

At this point, the issue of gay marriage has been debated ad nauseum. Lawmakers have won praise for the "high level" of debate in the past two sessions -- some of that deserved, some of it the product of low-to-no public expectations. The point is, by now there's a limited amount left to say.

The danger for the pro-gay marriage crowd now is more fatigue with the process and their legislators no longer being willing to stand in the way of a ballot question. "Gay-marriage lobbyist Arline Isaacson, a constant presence in the State House for the past few months, fretted that some sympathetic legislators are growing weary that some lawmakers may not have the stomach to prevent a ballot question from going to the voters, even if they sympathize with same-sex couples."

Meanwhile, the hate continues, as some local Catholic masses ended with a vile anti-gay film yesterday that sparked outrage from one gay parishioner in Canton, who was all over the local news.

For more coverage through the day of what's going on at the State House, see Boston.com, The Phoenix, and the blogs listed here.