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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Brown-McQuilken Cliffhanger

The presidential race tonight may have been anticlimactic, but not so the special State Senate race between Republican State Rep. Scott Brown and Democrat Angus McQuilken. It is literally 50-50 right now, with McQuilken ahead by less than 200 votes with 33 of 51 precincts reporting. Results here. Ben announced today that he'll be quitting his blog if Brown wins, so there's yet another reason to hope McQuilken can pull it out.

UPDATE 10:26: This page breaks it down by town and precints reporting. I think it favors Brown because Wrentham isn't in yet and he's from there--it's three precincts could win it for him. The places that should be McQuilken's stronghold, like Needham and Wellesley, are already in. He's from Millis, which isn't in yet either, but I think the places left to report will go mostly for Brown.

UPDATE 10:41: Dan Kennedy agrees it looks like McQuilken is going to lose and he sees this as a bad sign for next week's gay marriage debate.

FINAL UPDATE 11:46: Brown has opened up a 700+ vote lead, all of which comes from Wrentham, with 42 of 51 precincts reporting. He's declared victory according to AP. Unless McQuilken can win handily in Wayland, Plainville and Millis (don't bet on that happening) Brown will be the new Senator. Romney is still a fraud, though.