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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Barney Frank for Senate?

With John Kerry poised to wrap up the Democratic presidential nomination today, expect talk of filling his potential Senate vacancy to heat up soon, sort of a local counterpart to the Veepstakes parlor game.

Political Wire reminds me of this issue in a post on State Rep. Bill Strauss's proposal to let voters decide on the replacement rather than Governor Mitt Romney. A poll in yesterday's Herald shows two-thirds of Mass voters want to pick the replacement if a vacancy arises, and a solid 74 percent are against Romney naming himself Senator (as some have rumored he would want to do).

Barney Frank says he may run but that depends on whether the seat would be up for election in November 2006 at the same time as a gay marriage referendum in the state or not (this article says a Romney replacement would serve until the '08 election, but that may be moved up depending on what the legislature does). If the two do coincide, Frank may decide against the Senate run to focus on defeating the amendment. The Herald poll took voter preferences from a list of seven other Bay State pols and found Joe Kennedy to be the top choice with 25 percent, followed by Romney (14), Marty Meehan (10), Paul Celucci (7), Tom Reilly (5), Kerry Healey (4) and Andy Card (3).

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