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Friday, March 05, 2004

Adventures in Blogging

Baltimaher is changing his Sports Frog posting name to garyclark for good reasons: "As far as the frog is concerned, baltimaher doesn't live here anymore. If you sense a similarity between the posts of garyclark and baltimaher, it will be purely coincidental. Either that, or baltimaher has a new job where it would be best if his identity weren't so obvious when he spends six hours a day posting on a sports blog. You decide." Click the link for a nice Ashley Judd picture too, if you enjoy that sort of a thing. Charlesworth later writes, "My favorite search term that brought someone to the Frog this month: upskirt pitcher."

Demagogue yesterday pointed to Liquid List where blogger Oliver has vowed to confine himself exclusively to right-wing media for the next month.

As of March 4, I will spend one month reading, listening, and watching only right-wing media. No NY Times, no NPR, no network news, no CNN, no Atrios or other lefty blogs, no novels, no NOTHING. Nothing liberal, nothing mainstream. Nothing that makes up the world I currently inhabit.

Instead, I will subject myself ONLY to FoxNews, TownHall, WorldNetDaily, the Virgin Ben and Paul Gigot, InstaPundit, The Washington Times and the New York Post, Rush Limbaugh, books by Coulter, Goldberg, and O'Reilly. All of them, and all the others. A complete and total conversion to ultra-conservative culture and messaging.

He sees this as a mental version of the documentary filmmaker who ate nothing but McDonald's for a month. Who knows what kind of permanent damage he will suffer.