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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Another reason to be nervous about John Kerry as Democratic nominee: his eccentric wife. I think she's cool, yet her unpredictability is a frightening prospect for the fall. The Sunday Times profile of Teresa Heinz Kerry notes she may become a lightning rod for Republican criticism, like Hillary Clinton, and it also points out something I've noticed:

When they traveled together in New Hampshire, he routinely stood by watching admiringly as she rambled on in a near whisper, her flowing hair hiding her eyes. "Isn't she spectacular?" Mr. Kerry would say.

Oddly, Ms. Heinz Kerry seems not to return the favor: when he is speaking his wife often wears a pained, or even bored, expression. She says it is merely the look she gets when she is thinking deeply. Or she pleads shyness, saying Mr. Kerry's growing crowds at times have overwhelmed her.

Or maybe she's on board with the Kerry Windbag Watch (though she seemed to be making the constipated face even back a few weeks ago when Kerry was doing well with his stump speech). Or maybe the botox and other work she's had done makes it so she can't smile?

The NYT profile says conservative radio is already going after her, including some discussion of Kerry's kiss of Teresa on stage in Wisconsin Tuesday night--supposedly she scowled to the cameras and looked disgusted afterward. Her wardrobe is being mocked as well, which reminds me of Howie Carr joking she wore her shawl the night of the New Hampshire victory long enough to win the bet.

And I can't figure out why she didn't figure more prominently in the speculation about the Drudge rumor being untrue. Would you cheat if your wife were worth half a billion?

MORE: The "About Teresa" page of the Kerry campaign site has a few photos that show what I'm talking about. There's also the archive of Teresa blog entries there. The Washington Post has a Sunday article saying there is still some legal ambiguity about whether she can use her personal fortune to help her husband's presidential bid.