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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Romney's Kerry Dis

OK, so governors and senators from different parties in the same state probably aren't going to like one another. Still, is publicly dissing one another like this called for?:

Ironically, one of the few Republicans to argue that Kerry, if nominated, would be a relatively easy opponent for Bush was the governor of Kerry's home state of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Although acknowledging that the 19-year Senate veteran is "well-spoken and very bright, a skilled debater, with a record of distinguished service in Vietnam," Romney insisted that anyone "would be hard-pressed to say he has been a distinguished senator."

"What has John Kerry ever fought for and won for Massachusetts or the nation?" Romney asked.

Romney, who ran unsuccessfully against Kerry's colleague Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.) before winning the governorship, suggested that businesses and individuals who need help in Washington turn first to Kennedy. Kerry, he said, "fought well in the jungles of Vietnam, but in the jungles of Congress, I haven't seen it."

Which leads me to ask: what has Mitt Romney ever fought for and won for Massachusetts or the nation?

Stupidity also reigns in this article on Massachusetts reaction to the president's gay marriage announcement yesterday. "My thoughts upon hearing the president's comments are that he seems to have captured almost precisely the pending compromise amendment that has been offered by Senate President [Robert E.] Travaglini and myself," said Speaker Tom Finneran. He seems to be ignoring the minor detail that the Massachusetts compromise amendment makes provision for civil unions while the Musgrave amendment Bush supports in the Congress would actually prevent civil unions from being a possibility for the states to enact (notwithstanding statements to the contrary from right-wingers trying to obscure the truth).