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Monday, February 23, 2004

My Blog Advertisers

Some blogs have ads for Congressional campaigns, but here at Dimmy Karras, I've been sporting an advertisement run by Chris P. Carrot for president. This is bizarre, even for PETA, and that's saying something.

Also spotted atop this page recently was an ad for Civil War 2061, which seems to be the fantasy scenario of some Southerners about a second US Civil War commencing in the bicentennial year of the start of the first one. The descriptions of the seven regional militias reveal the creators' biases: the "Yankees," based in Massachusetts, are called "clever, shrewd, arrogant," while the "Texas Rangers," by contrast, are, "risk-takers, individualists, self-reliant, and proud" (that is, until the Rangers trade their star shortstop to the Yankees). In this instance, I think the Google ads algorithm may have failed.